Players Rules Guide

WFRP3 Rules (quick and ugly reference)

By Jay H (emirikol on FFG forums/ Tydirium elsewhere)

It plays like any other RPG. You have:
  • Characteristics (strength, intelligence, etc.)
  • Wounds = Hit Points
  • Skills (Like all games)
  • Special abilities (Actions & Talents): (just like D&D powers, except instead of daily/encounter/at-will, they recharge variably by the round)
  • Armor that both deflects and soaks damage
  • Weapons that have a base damage plus your strength or agility
  • Conditions: prone, terrified, insane, etc.
You also have new elements:
  • New Dice
  • Stance (how crazy or cautious you get modifies your successes)
  • Fortune points (luck points to speed up action recharges from used actions or talents)
  • Fatigue (hit points for physical characteristics to take more maneuvers)
  • Stress (hit points for mental characteristics to move farther on stances)
  • Party Sheet (you can “donate” your talents for someone else to use and get new fortune points from the party pool)
Stuff to hand out to players:
  1. DEMO Character
  2. Dice COLOR chart
  3. Dice Symbol chart
  4. Skills chart
  5. Maneuvers chart
  6. Basic Action Cards or photocopy if more players
  7. HOW TO summary chart:
    1. Skills (roll against purple challenge dice)
    2. What you can do in a round
      1. One action card (e.g. attack)
      2. One maneuver (p.52): Additional maneuvers cost one fatigue
      3. One stance adjustment (p46): Additional stance adjustments cost one stress each
      4. Basic defense action cards (block, dodge, parry)
      5. Socket/unsocket/exchange a non-recharging Talent card to either yourself or Party
  • The four books
  • Index (how to use Jay’s expanded index or “Living Index”)
  • FAQ/Errata and Card Index
  • Components p.7+
  • Player Play Area p.12
  • Dice
  • Group Play Card & Tracking
    • Benefits
    • Party Stress Meter
    • Talent Sockets & Tracking (Vis A Vis)
    • Fortune (Vis A Vis)
Characters p.13
  • Characteristics: Nothing new here. The white box is if you get a bonus fortune die to those checks.
  • Fatigue: may use to get additional maneuvers
  • Stress: may use to get additional stance shifts
  • Wounds & Wound Cards: or just mark it on your sheet. Write your TOTAL SOAK below your wound threshold. Make 2 numbers if you sling/unsling a shield occasionally.
  • Fortune Points: 3 new each session. Uses:
    • BEFORE roll to add 1 white/ fortune die.
    • Remove 1:1 recharge tokens from talent card
    • Remove 1:1 recharge tokens from action card

NOTE: Regaining Action Points IN Game called Party Refresh. Once equal to the # of PC’s everybody can take one (if they need it), extra’s remain.

Skills p.16
  • Characteristic check.
  • Modify by stance.
    • Untrained Basic
    • Trained Basic (add Yellow die to rolls)
    • Specialized (add a White die on rolls)
    • Advanced skills: untrained (can’t use), Acquired (no extra dice), Trained (add a Yellow), Specialized (add a White)
Skill Challenge Levels: PAGE 58.

Purple Challenge Dice: Simple (0d), Easy (1p), Avg (2p), Hard (3p), Daunting (4p).

Talents p.19

Don’t’ forget your RACE talent card

These are bonuses to checks that take a little time to recharge (e.g. “Well Read” Gain a WHITE on Folklore or Education skill check)

You can play it to add a WHITE die to a roll for:

  1. Yourself, or
  2. You can DONATE it to the Party Play Area (must have that same socket) to be used by any player.

When used, put it face-down and put FOUR (4) recharge tokens on there. Take one off at the end of THIS turn (leaving 3)

Talents recharge one at the end of each round (including the round that they are played). They can also be recharged faster 1:1 with fortune points.

Gloss over Char Gen

Base points used for characteristics, wealth, # talents, # actions, # skills, etc.

Gloss over Advancement

Experience is 1-2 per 4 hour session. You complete a career by buying all of the required “advancements.” You can buy outside of those advancements.

Action Checks & Core Mechanic 39+
  • Hand out the Dice Symbols copy to players
  • After all the dice finish canceling out if you have One hammer = success
  • Expertise dice (yellow) if you’re trained
  • Fortune/misfortune dice (white/black)
  • PURPLE challenge die (combat is always 1d) p.41

Opposed Checks p42+ – Sneak past guard

Competitive Checks p43+ -Arm wrestle/tug of war


  • PURPLE challenge die (p)
  • BLUE characteristic die
  • YELLOW expertise skill die (if trained)
  • RED reckless stance die (exchanges 1:1 for characteristic die)
  • GREEN conservative stance die (exchanges 1:1 for characteristic die)
  • WHITE fortune die
  • BLACK misfortune die

Universal BANE/BOON effects: 45

  • 2 skulls – suffer a fatigue or stress as appropriate to the check
  • 2 eagles – recover a fatigue or stress as appropriate to the check

Triggering limits: can only trigger one effect line per card. P45. E.g. you can get both the boon and the success, but you cannot get the success twice.


Start at neutral. Can move one free/turn. Add’s stress 1:1 to move additional in same turn. Rally phase pushes you back one. Resets to netural at end of encounter. YOUR STANCE DETERMINES HOW MANY BLUE DIE YOU CONVERT TO RED/GREEN DICE.

Actions & Maneuvers 48+

Action card 49-50 – Traits & effects, how to read NOTE MISFORTUNE DIE TO PERFORM Recharge tokens/gems (4) when you use it. At the end of THIS turn, remove one (leaving 3). Remove one recharge END of each turn. Can spend Fortune points to speed up recharge 1:1

Maneuvers p51

See list p.52 One free per turn. Additional must expend fatigue (first) before can perform.

Movement & Range p.52

  • Put a token/gem between people for range.
  • Engaged = 0; 1=close, 2=med, 3=long, 4 = extreme.
  • Manoeuvres: Moving Through Multiple Ranges
    • Extreme to Long Range = 3 manoeuvres
    • Long Range to Medium Range = 2 manoeuvres
    • Medium Range to Close Range = 1 manoeuvre
    • Close Range to Engaged = 1 manouevre

Combat p54

Initiative is rolled on AGILITY. Changes with hourglass symbol on GREEN conservative die.

Turn Sequence

Beginning Phase:
  1. Adjust stance one for free. Extra stance adjustment adds one stress
  2. Other beginning of turn effects
Turn Phase:
  1. Perform Maneuver(s)
  2. Select action card
  3. Announce target
  4. Generate starting dice pool (1p, blue characteristic, stance red/green, Yellow expertise; any Talent or Fortune modifiers)
  5. GM assigns Defense dice (BLACK MISFORTUNE DICE)
  6. Roll and evaluate
  7. DAMAGE: DR + success modifiers
  8. Resolve any other effects including Perform Maneuver(s)
End of Turn Phase: \
  1. Remove tracker token (recharge) from each talent/action card
  2. End of turn conditions expire)

Impairment (Fatigue & Stress) p.62

  1. When fatigue gets to Tou +1 then condition: FATIGUED
  2. When stress gets to Will +1 then condition: DISTRESSED.
    1. Immediately draw one insanity card. If it matches you, then you are temporarily insane (see p.67)
  3. Passed Out/Unconscious/Exhausted if you go over double your Tou/Will +1.
  4. If both Fatigued and Distressed at same time then STRAINED
    1. As soon as strained drawn an insanity card until you find one that matches. P.67
  5. Impairment Recovery
  6. End of Encounter (or full night’s rest)
    1. Fatigue equal to Toughness
    2. Stress equal to Willpower


  • Strength/Agility + Weapon DR + action modifiers determines potential wounds inflicted.
  • Subtract TOTAL SOAK to determine actual wounds sustained
  • KO = Wounds up to threshold. At KO, convert one wound to critical
  • DEAD if # crits = Toughness +1
Healing Wounds p58
Full Night’s Rest
  • Recover number wounds equal to his Toughness rating.
  • Also make a resilience check. Difficulty is (Critical 2p; Lightly 1p). Number of successes indicates how tough of a critical wound they can naturally heal from. Heal regular wounds equal to the number of boons generated.
First Aid & Medicine p.64
Levels of Injury from Wounds and providing Care
  • Light (no criticals showing) = (1purple)
  • Critical (at least one critical showing) = (2p)
First Aid Check (difficulty as above)
If check succeeds then gain one fortune die to Resilience check for every success generated plus an additional fortune die if check generated 2 or more boons. Medicine check (see p.64) – more of the same
First Aid Immediate Care (once per encounter)
  • Recover normal wounds equal to successes
  • Temporarily ignore a critical. First aid check must generate successes equal to the critical wound severity rating. It turns back to critical for the overnight check.
  • If 2 or more banes generated, then target suffers 1 stress and 1 fatigue.
  • If check was to a critical wound, then target also suffers 1 normal wound.
Healing Draughts
Cost 20. Heal equal to # successes on 4 white dice.
Insanity (p67)
Two ways to get there: Distressed or Strained. Any additional stress or fatigue added add 1:1 tracking token to the insanity. Can become permanent (check at the end of the current Act). If # of insanities are > Willpower +1 then you retire to MADNESS. Recovery from insanity takes a month: p.67.



Treasure conversion: 1 gold = 100 silver = 2500 brass 1 silver = 25 brass

Average income for a week (adventurer): mercenary p.72. = 50 s.

Weapons P.74

Armor p.77

Other stuff: vague table p.79

Encumbrance = 5xStr p.81

  • Dwarf get’s a bonus of 5
  • Fortune dice behind your strength add 1:1
  • If encumbered, then suffer 1BLACK die to all physical checks and lose your free maneuver/turn


Here you go wizard. Read the rules. Arcane Casters


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